Ladies Day

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This is a day for ladies to enjoy fellowship with one another while worshipping, and having fun learning new things in a verity of classes.

We are excited to haveLeigh-Angela Holbrook as our special speaker again.

We are working hard to create a great and relaxing day of worship and fun for you to enjoy. Plan to connect and grow with us.

Breakfast and lunch is included in the $25 cost. We will enjoy a continental style breakfast and a pasta bar for lunch.

 Prayer Boards Design and decorate a prayer board for your prayer room that will help you commit to your renewed prayer life. (Led by Amanda Zema)

 Creative Painting Have fun with simple ideas and tips to create a Pinterest perfect painting project. (Led by Erin Williams)

Yoga/Stretching Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. You won’t believe it’s actually a workout! (Led by Tonia Davis)

 Bunco Party Join your friends for fun and laughter while you play a game of bunco, a social dice game involving 100% luck and no skill. (Led by Danielle Johnson)

 Simply Homemade Home and bath products can quickly strain the wallet. Learn how to simply make these items at home using materials you probably already have! (Led by Lydia Sims)

 Self Defense Learn physical maneuvers and common sense tips to help you be aware of your surroundings and ready to take on the world! (Led by Marilyn Randolph)

 Essential Oils Come and discover essential oil basics and how to use them to enhance your home, wellness, beauty, and balance. (Led by Ashleigh Chapman)


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  • October 7
    8:30 am - 3:00 pm
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